Web Hook Notifications

We’ve been contacted several times over the past 12 months by epos suppliers asking if they can get the reservation data out of e-Res to update their own systems.

We’ve listened and are delighted to introduce our new Web Hooks feature.

Web Hooks allow you to specify a HTTPS endpoint which gets called every time a reservation is created or updated in e-Res.

The reservation data is posted to this endpoint in JSON format allowing you to extract the information you need.

You can also pass a HTTPS header value to the endpoint, for example in case you need to include authentication information in the call.

To set the Web Hooks endpoint, click on the Administration->Settings->Web Hooks option.


The Settings menu option


The Web Hook settings screen

Below is an example of the JSON which is posted to the endpoint when a reservation is created or updated…

	"customer": {
		"id": "D859AE499217478B8C5527745F917008",
		"title": "Mr",
		"firstname": "Graham",
		"surname": "Murt",
		"company": "",
		"email": "graham@kernow-software.co.uu",
		"phone": "",
		"mobile": "07000000123",
		"work_phone": "",
		"visits": 1,
		"mailing": "F",
		"vip": "F",
		"regular": "F",
		"inspector": "F",
		"notes": "",
		"suite": "",
		"extras": "",
		"address1": "",
		"address2": "",
		"address3": "",
		"city": "",
		"county": "",
		"postcode": "",
		"terms_agreed": "2020-12-15T16:11:40.000Z",
		"terms_agreed_ip": "",
		"created": "2020-12-15T16:11:40.000Z",
		"updated": "2021-02-22T13:34:32.000Z"
	"id": "43B39683AB734A038ADA1B27345E9C90",
	"cust_id": "D859AE499217478B8C5527745F917008",
	"reference": 920,
	"room_id": "5D9DB7464F1E447A93D39450253C67B2",
	"room_name": "Restaurant",
	"meal_id": "A51F84AD874D412F89EE772E67CC5CD2",
	"meal_name": "Dinner",
	"datetime": "2021-02-22T22:30:00.000Z",
	"duration": 120,
	"adults": 2,
	"children": 0,
	"type": "R",
	"status": "Confirmed",
	"cancelled": "F",
	"tables": "1",
	"taken_by": "ADMIN",
	"requested": "F",
	"web": "F",
	"notes": "",
	"deleted": "F",
	"created": "2021-02-22T13:34:32.000Z",
	"updated": "2021-02-22T13:34:32.000Z",
	"arrived": "F",
	"departed": "F",
	"walkin": "F",
	"high_chair": 0,
	"amount_spend": 0,
	"allergies": "",
	"name_values": "",
	"extras": "",
	"codes": "",
	"promotion": "",
	"vouchers": "",
	"deposit_due": 20,
	"deposit_paid": 0,
	"stripe_token": "",
	"wheelchair": 0,
	"call": {
		"call_id": "2E707ADAB091488EAC5AC0A6BF2134B0",
		"restaurant_id": "C3DB02F6FED042B7B0097A3DB12FF7D5",
		"number": "01841510311",
		"ext_sid": "ABC123",
		"provider_sid": "XYZ789"

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