Exciting developments

Over the past 18 months, outside of lockdowns, we’ve helped lots of our customers re-configure their systems for reduced capacities, outdoor seating areas and longer opening hours to comply with whatever the government regulations were at the time.

This allowed us to get a better understanding of how users approach our system. Some of the changes were fairly in-depth but some requests were very straight-forward and only took a couple of clicks.

This led us to ask the question – “Why couldn’t our users find that option themselves?”

The answer was staring us in the face. e-Res had suffered from software bloat over the years of development. As more and more features were added It become cluttered, untidy and the user interface was starting to look a little dated.

It was in desperate need of some serious user interface improvements and the Coronavirus lockdowns provided us with the perfect opportunity to begin this process.

Our goal was to look at each and every screen within e-Res and work out what was good, what wasn’t so good and make the required changes to ensure the user was not intimidated or confused by what they saw.

A look and feel similar to a modern Microsoft application such as Outlook seemed like a good fit – clean, simple and fairly familiar for most users.

It has taken several months of development but were excited to show you the end results.

The Main Screen

Here you can see the old and new versions of the main e-Res screen.

Previous main screen
Updated main screen

Hopefully you find the newer version more pleasing on the eye.  We’ve summarised the main changes below.

  • Updated main menu to a more modern Windows 10 style and removed obsolete buttons.
  • The side bar now has a Microsoft style theme, larger calendar, customer and reservation information.
  • Removed the bottom information panel to provide more room for reservations on-screen.
  • Reservations are now grouped by times to the left, rather than the full width which also provides much more room to view reservations on-screen.

The Reservation Details Screen

We’ve done our very best to apply this method throughout the user interface. Here you can see the old and new versions of the reservation details screen. Lots of boxes and lines removed, tabs replaced with a left aligned navigation bar and a new modern-style header which is common through many of the new e-Res screens.

Previous main screen (click to enlarge)
Updated main screen (click to enlarge)

Report Generation Improvements

The report generation & printing has had an overhaul in the new version.  Previously there was a button for each report on the main screens “Report” tab.  We’ve replaced this with a single “Print” button which opens the new report selection screen.  Here, all of the reports are listed and the required report can be selected and printed from the list.

Old report menu (click to enlarge)
New button to access report selection screen (click to enlarge)

Upon clicking on the new “Print” button, you will be shown the new Report Parameters form which lists all available reports via the list on the left. Selecting a report will update the available parameters for you to select.

New report selection screen (click to enlarge)

A New Redesigned Setup Wizard

One final change I’d like to show is the new Setup Wizard which has had a complete redesign to make it much easier to setup and start using e-Res.

Here you can see the 6 screens of the new setup wizard.  (Click to enlarge each)

There are far too many improvements for one blog post but we’ll be add some more blogs in the coming weeks focusing on specific areas of the software.

Download a free 14 day trial

If you like what you see, why not download and try it out for yourself?

You can do this now without having to schedule a salesy/demo from us.  Simply  and click on the green download button below to download the e-Res installer.

However, if you feel you’d like us to run you through the software then we would also be more than happy to do this – just let us know.

Stay safe and we’ll be back soon with some more posts 😉

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