Cloud Based

e-Res is cloud based although you may not even know this when you are using it.

Unlike other cloud-based, e-Res does not run inside a web browser and therefore does not suffer from “browser lag” or web-page errors which often plague these systems.

We have designed the e-Res system to utilise only the best parts of a cloud-based system by running our back-end server and database on the worlds most advanced cloud infrastructure – Amazons AWS cloud.

e-Res is built using the AWS platform

We made the decision to write every e-Res user interface, whether that be on Windows, iOS or Android, to run as a native application on these operating systems.

This ensures that our e-Res user-interfaces have the best performance, are extremely responsive to user input and allow us to make the interface more feature-rich than other browser/web based interfaces.

e-Res for iOS, Android and Windows
Native user interface for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.
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