E-Mail & SMS Reminders

Anytime a reservation is entered in to the e-Res system and a customer email address is provided, a customised email will be sent out automatically providing them with their booking details.

Below you can see the template editor within e-Res.  The booking information gets merged in to the email at the time of sending.

Screenshot 2019-05-06 16.12.28
e-Res e-mail template editor

Instant and Reminder SMS messages can also be configured to be sent automatically, at the time of booking, and 24 hours before the booking is due to take place.

SMS text reminder configuration

These are proven to reduce “no shows” by either reminding the customer to show up (if they have forgotten), or prompting them to call and cancel so that the table can be used by another customer.

When the SMS reminder arrives on your customers phone, it shows a customised Sender ID giving the name of your restaurant along with the booking details as shown below.

SMS Reminder Text
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