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Global Time Capacities

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Within e-Res you can have multiple rooms set up with different times and guest limits per time-slot for each room.

Often both rooms are served by a single kitchen so, although you may have both rooms set to a maximum of 12 guests per 15 minutes, you may not want to take 24 guests every 15 minutes as the kitchen may not cope.

This is where “global time capacities” come into play.  These allow you to set a maximum number of guests per time slot which applies to all rooms, while still allowing each room to have it’s own limits.

For example, with the above scenario, we may set “global limits” of 16 guests per time slot so when all of the rooms combine reach this limit, no further bookings for the time slot are allowed.

To set “global time capacities”, follow the below steps…

To configure your global time capacities...

Open up the “Configuration” screen from the “Administration” tab at the top of the e-Res screen and select the “Booking Times” tab.

Booking Times

Click on the “Global Capacities” button at the bottom right of this screen, this will open up the “Global Capacity” configuration screen.

Click on the “Set All” drop-down box and select 16 to set the global limit to 16 guests per time-slot.

Global time capacities

Click on the “Close” button and then close the configuration screen to return to the main e-Res screen.

Your global capacities have now been set to 16 per 15 minutes and any table availability checking will take this into account.

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